Polar Pack Flexible Hot/Cold Packs – 5 star product

5 Star Product Spotlight & 5 Star Savings

Polar Pack Flexible Hot/Cold Packs

 These ice packs are the BEST!

My family and I have used these ice packs multiple times over the years. They refreeze beautifully and seem to last forever. Have 2 or 3 on-hand ready to go for aches and pains. Well worth the price for what they do for you!

Polar Pack Flexible Hot/Cold Packs

Reduce hemorrahaging, muscle spasms and pain. Promote fast healing for a better recovery. Place in the freezer and use as a cold compress or heat in the microwave (on a low setting) or hot water for a hot pack use. Pack will remain flexible when frozen and may be easily contoured to the body.

  • Always use a cloth between skin and pack
  • Do not exceed 20 minutes per application
  • Available in 6″ x 12″ or 12″ x 12.5″


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