Introducing Torex Hot/Cold Compression Sleeves

Torex Hot/Cold Compression Sleeves are easy to use and stay in place while keeping your hands free. The sleeve design rolls on gently, completely covering the injured limb. This 360° design delivers hot or cold treatment deep into soft tissues where needed. Torex’s latex-free, non-toxic, premium grade materials remain soft and comfortable when chilled or heated, allowing the contraption to mold to the limb. These sleeves include an insulating compression bandage that protects the skin from extreme temperatures while also providing slight compression. These features make Torex Compression Sleeves a more effective treatment option by reducing treatment time, providing faster pain relief reducing swelling.

Torex Compression Sleeve

An injury can cause damage to ligaments, tissue and blood vessels. Our bodies naturally attempt to repair the damaged area by causing the cells around the injury to increase their metabolism. The increased metabolism requires more oxygen which is not available due to the damaged blood vessels and increased fluid. This also prevents necessary waste removal. Without the required influx of oxygen and removal of waste, the cells begin to die. When the cells are unable to repair the damaged area, blood and fluids pool around the injured area causing painful swelling and bruising.

So how exactly do these hot & cold therapy sleeves really work to reduce swelling, manage pain and promote faster healing?

For cold application, Torex sleeves are applied to an injury to reduce the temperature of the damaged tissue area. The reduced temperature keeps the cells around the injured area alive by slowing their metabolic rate which causes them to use less oxygen. The flow of fluids to the injured area is also slowed as the local blood vessels constrict. The reduced fluids results in reduced swelling. When more cells are kept alive in the damaged area by cold therapy, there is a significant decrease in bruising and fluid buildup. Also, when there are fewer damaged cells that need to be repaired, the body is able to heal faster. Cold therapy also reduces pain associated with an injury as the cold temperature numbs the nerves. Cold applications are best used immediately after an injury. Store your Torex Compression Sleeves in the freezer or refrigerator for cold therapy.

Torex sleeves should be used for heat therapy during the repair stage of an injury, usually more than 72 hours after the injury occurs. Heat therapy helps the damaged cells rebuild faster as it increases the blood flow to the tissue. Heat can also benefit sore, overworked and tight muscles but should not be applied to acute injuries or where internal bleeding, discoloration or swelling are present.  About one minute in the microwave is all it takes to use Torex Compression Sleeves for heat therapy.

Torex Compression Sleeves are available in the following 6 sizes. For the best fit, loosely measure around the largest part of your limb.

  • Small:  4” – 10”
  • Medium:  10” – 15”
  • Large:  15” – 21”
  • X-Large: 21” – 28”
  • Ankle:  One Size Fits Most
  • Finger:  One Size Fits Most
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